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It’s intimidating to see a new therapist, and vulnerability is a hard thing to ask for. With that said, I would like to start by expressing my gratitude for you being here and considering Islandtwig Therapeutics as your guide.

Through empathy, patience, consistency, communication, and understanding we will embark on a journey together to identify key stressors in your life and formulate a holistic treatment modality to assist in your ascension to mental and physical well-being.


My goal as your coach is to facilitate a safe space for you, enlightenment of thought, and to encourage the growth of that tenacious and divine being within.

If you're still struggling in your journey to heal old habits, and obtain daily tranquility, schedule your consultation with me today.

The first step to success is to give yourself permission to move forward. 


Set Intentions, Not Expectations.

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• 1 on 1 Bi-weekly Check-ins

• Personal Weekly Text Affirmations

• Secure 1 on 1 Video Coaching

• Monthly Group Wellness Circles

• Trauma-Informed Guidance

• Adolescent-Young Adult Guidance

Counseling Services

Without verbally and viscerally releasing toxic experiences, we cannot begin to effectively heal those parts of ourselves. It’s never too late to seek out assistance in your personal journey to unburden yourself, strengthen your resolve, bring to fruition that ambition.

Find balance in your interpersonal relationships, love life, work life, family dynamics, and goal setting with a trauma-informed and dynamic counseling approach at Islandtwig Therapeutics. 

Progress is not linear and healing is not a one size fits all. We are all unique and deserve a deep respect for our individuality and spiritual duality. The path to rediscovering your passion and purpose starts here.

Discover if Islandtwig Therapeutics is right for you, schedule your consultation today. 

Here at Islandtwig we address the mind, body and soul as a whole. In the quest for optimal health and wellness the avenues to transcendence are abundant. 

The goal is for you and your partner to leave counseling with better ways to manage and express emotional and physical reactions when communicating your desires and love language.  

My approach is direct, dynamic and trauma-informed. My priority is your continued improvement. Making sure both individuals feel heard, seen as well as understood in their ongoing journey together; Mind, Body and Soul.


The mission is to create a space where we learn from personal experiences, and embrace our "inner expert" to live our best lives. No one is perfect. But, we all have had experiences that we can learn from. Growth comes from honesty and shared understanding shared experiences. Let's grow together and live a life rooted in emotional intelligence and intentional actions that result in a well rounded you. 

Through our work together, we increase coping skills and create a toolkit to better navigate each person’s emotional reactions. The goal is to leave therapy with better ways to manage interpersonal relationships, love life, work and family dynamics well into the future.

Audio Therapeutics

• Guided Meditations

• Personalized Musical Selections 

• Weekly Manifestation Mantras

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